September 21, 2023


Entrepreneur and mentor returns to CMU to share his experiences

Students gathered around a classroom in Grawn Hall to listen to CMU alum, Jason St. John discuss his experiences on Thursday, Sep. 21, 2023. St. John shared the challenge of starting his real estate career during the 2008 recession and the creation of his successful Chicago brokerage firm, Greenstone Partners.

Senior Brendan Barker, majoring in entrepreneurship, thought what St. John said could benefit his future.

“After hearing Jason and listening to what he has to say, you can take a lot of different things rather than just real estate, and more of life experiences with what he looks for in an employer, and how it can benefit and change your ways through school,” Barker said. “I like how he explained the good and the bad of every business and being an employer or an entrepreneur.”

St. John said it feels special to be back at CMU. During his visit he made several connections between the uncertain future of the market when he was a college grad to the challenges students face today.

“I think that our business school has a lot to offer and it’s important to come back and spend time with students,” St. John said. “I was fortunate enough to have some really good mentors and people that I spoke and looked up to.”

St. John said he hopes students take away that school is real and important.

“When you step out of school, you’re stepping into the ring,” he said. “Like my mentor told me, you don’t know what it feels like to get your nose broken, until you step into the ring. Getting out in the real world and meeting as many people as possible that are in the business world is important to try and prepare yourself for when you go out and take it to the next level.”